Deepself is an installation stimulating how Artificial intelligence could bring technology democracy  in future. In this technology democracy, A.I. provides decision consultancy according to individual’s value instead of being influence in society created by technology monopoly. Through the speculative scenario, it provides audiences the vision of future and also invites them to reflect on the present situation.

Present_current situation

Stepping into the age of technology monopoly, we’re slowly loosing our right on deciding our preferred future. The digitized society created and dominated by tech giants could easily be shaped into the desired outcome. Example as google search engine, we’re so used to look at the unknown world via this searching interface. But what we often neglect is that the information is presented according to algorithm that create by google. In short, we see the world shaped by them, the tech giants.

Tech giants aren’t likely to shape it with wrong purpose but they are privatized companies who go after their ultimate profit after all. The privatized companies follows their own value priority. The rest could only follow if they want to continually using the service. As the tech giants grow bigger, the more advance their technological ability in influencing and controlling the rest. If the technology is the new power, could we in the future share this power equally?

Stimulated future_tech democracy

Inspired by the economy term — homo economicus, the economic man who always makes rational decision to reach it’s optimal profit, I imagine the future where every individual could have their own personal assistant act like homo economicus. This will help each one to truly go after their own value and reach democracy in this newly tech-dominant environment.

How could we carry out this blue print of technology democracy and it’s participants, homo economicus? To live in the tech democracy, we’ll need to incorporate with technology. Thirty years from now, A.I. will become the dominant tech and accessible to everyone. I propose Deepself, a A.I. driven homo economicus serving every individuals. Deepself is the rational self who learn the user to provide the customized advise on decision with it’s fast data accessibility and analysis ability. Deepself will eventually become the other self who holds the same value and all the information of user in order to provide the customized service. The conversation with the deepself will be just like talking to the rational part of self or future self. 

Design_speculative scenarios

To communicate the proposal of Deepself, I create four scenarios, initializing, decision consulting, societal mirror and reflection of A.I.. The first two scenarios show the how deepself works and the later two show what the influence it might brings.

Initializing is the first scenario when user discover and set up own value system and personal status with deepself. This step helps the user to re-discover their value system and clarify the part which is under the influence of manipulated digital society. Second scenario, when ever the user need consultancy over decisions, the Deepself will collect the relevant information and analyze it to provide the options which fit user’s value system. Third scenario, societal mirror, when everyone is going after their own value, it provides a platform to see and meet the major, minor, similar and odd value existing in the society. Last, the future of A.I., The nature of artificial intelligence is that it learns and develop itself throughout constant practicing. The data and information Deepself learns is the value system of human being. As the Deepself develop itself, the future of it will have different paths. Where it goes will depends on how people use it.

Design_scenario translation

Out of these four scenarios, I create an interactive installation from the first, initializing. The installation takes the form of mirror. This deepself mirror invite people to discover their core values. The form of mirror is the metaphor of examining oneself beyond the appearance. On the other side of the mirror, deepself, is also reflecting the value of people who stands in front.

The mirror installation use one way reflective acrylic sheet for mirror side, black acrylic sheets for the rest. Both this two kinds of acrylic sheet give reflective quality. Behind the mirror acrylic sheet is the interactive screen which starts text conversation when people stands in front. The text start with introduction of deepself then goes into value discovering conversation. Behind the text is the figurative shape where slowly filled with the value of people upon conversation. As the conversation finished, the figurative shape will becomes the digital copy of people’s value.

Next to the mirror installation is the screen shows the complete concept of deepself and the other scenarios in illustration.


The Installation, Initializing, is the first scenario when user discover and set up own value system and personal status with deepself. Deepself will guides the user through self reflective process. This process use verbal conversation and synced with touch screen interface. The conversation structure is consist of six steps, mind opening, meaningful experience recalling, values extract, value categorizing, value ranking and conclusion.